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What to do with my formal attire after an event?!

Whew, the day is done! Time to relive the event by looking back through all the photos as your gown is being cleaned. She returns and you move the beautiful piece to the back of your closet. Then it hits- " Is this the last time the gown that I spent all that money on ever going to ever see daylight again?"

Giving gowns a beautiful new love story…

Newly opened here in Versailles, Ohio - Antoinette's Closet gives those beautiful gowns another chance to shine! A perfect opportunity for the budget buyer, thrifty bride, and the quick turnaround bride as well as bridesmaids, and mothers alike. Shopping name designers in gown bridal samples, lightly worn mothers & bridesmaids, and prom attire at 40-60%+ Off retail prices!

NoteWorthy: Be warned though: This adventurous endeavor is far from the standard dress shopping experience, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

You are not alone if you're considering purchasing, selling, or donating your formal gown for and after the big day! There’s a vast marketplace for second-hand formal gowns - From thrifty and quick turnaround brides to Mothers and Bridesmaids looking for a bargain, even girls attending multiple proms alike are looking to find that dress to cut down on costs. *Also, donating your dress is another great way to pay it forward, so consider this option as 90% of all Antoinette Closet's donated sales go to a charity of choice!

Tips when Buying a Used Dress

Determine your style beforehand.

The first step in selecting any formal dress, whether second-hand or not, is to try on gowns. Narrow down styles, colors, designers, and sizes. Once you know what you’re looking for, your shopping day can begin.

Be smart and steadfast.

Act fast when you find what you’re looking for, but don’t be shy when it comes to asking questions. While coveted designers and styles tend to get snatched up quickly, be smart when it comes to shopping and examine your choice gown so you understand all that may need to be tended to following the gown purchase.

Clear any hesitation.

If you’re hesitant about purchasing a pre-owned dress, we understand! Although know that used dresses don’t necessarily mean old - all the bridal gowns sold at Antoinette's consignment bridal store, 70% are from the past year or two, and 90% of all the dresses sold are new, newly discontinued, or lightly used samples. Purchasing from these thrifty offerings could save you hundreds!

I hope this helps assist you in your hunt! Antoinette's Closet is open by appointment if this experience is just what you have been waiting for!

Founder & Boutique Owner - Heidi DeMange

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