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Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends to Look out for in 2023 & 2024

With the recent continual swipping on social media it's more than obvious that, love is in the air. Maybe it's been feeling like you have recently been struck by cupid’s arrow or have been in a long term relationship, but this year into the coming is definitely a lovely time to tie the knot. There’s no better way to celebrate such a special occasion than to find the perfect dress to suit your unique personality and relationship. We have gathered our top ten favorite wedding dress trends we foresee taking 2023 into 2024 by storm. The variety ranges from elaborate ball gowns down to sleek and simple slip dresses. Needless to say this year has something in store for everyone.

1. Pearls

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls! Such a timeless piece of jewelry, but 2023 expecially into 2024 has different things in mind. The use of pearls can range anywhere from covering the entire bodice for a stunning pattern or a fewer amount to add simplistic elegance to the sleeves of a dress. No matter how pearls are used along the dress, it provides dresses with so much more dimension. Additionally, pearls are an easy way to elevate veils and bring the look together. Because no one can really ever have enough of such a classic accessory it will surely not disappoint when it comes to the big day!

2. Sheer Fabrics

The magic of translucent fabric has endless possibilities on wedding dresses. It truly brings out the intimate qualities of brides on their wedding day. Sheer fabric has been especially popular with long sleeve gowns. This gives the effect that the lace is the sole component of the sleeve. On top of this, sheer fabrics can be layered to reveal designs beneath them while also providing volume to the gown. As well as give a more organic wear for the bride over the trational structured bodice. Overall, these transparent cloths provide brides with a clean look that in turn allows their wildest dreams to flourish.

3. Bows

While this trend may seem a little more out of the box than the last two, designers have incorporated it into their dresses to express a unique aspect of femininity. Whether they serve a conventional purpose or not, these bows truly tie dresses together. Bows can come in all shapes and sizes adding a cutesy element on one hand or a sophisticated chic on the other. No matter what you are looking for, a bow may be the move.

4. High Necklines

Contrary to some of the plunging necklines that have taken the bridal market by storm, high necklines are making a rapid comeback as the new modern classic bridal desire. Whether it be a more squared off look or a lace long sleeve turtle neck beauty these designs have become the new “it girl” of the bridal world. Fortunately, Antionette Bridal features the Barbie Ann Classic & Modest bridal collections that includes a variety of styles including high necklines. This trend has so many possibilities and we can’t wait to see where this coming year continues to take it!

5. Ball Gowns

Big ball gowns have dominated the wedding dress market for several years, but they have no intentions of backing down now. If anything they are getting bigger, and more luxurious. If you have ever wanted to truly feel like a princess, a ball gown may just be the option for you. Showing up in an extravagant design will leave your friends and family’s jaws on the floor. It's also a lovley way to gain more focus when walking down that grand cathedral church isle.

Consider purchasing one of these to truly

make your mark while walking down the aisle.

6. Slip Dresses

Thankfully, 2023 - 24' seasons have something to offer everyone. Some people tend to shy away from the big ornate dresses and gravitate towards something a little more simplfied. Slip dresses are perfect for those who feel they fit in this category. These simple slip dresses are for the brides who want to keep it natural or as we like to say here at Antoinette organic. These dresses do an amazing job of putting the bride’s natural beauty in the spotlight. Overall, the “clean aesthetic” has taken the internet by storm. So if you are not into all the glitz and glam, these may be a perfect fit for you.

7. Off the Shoulder

For years brides have loved the effortless look of a dress with loose fabric that falls off the shoulders. This year is no exception. The best thing about this trend is that it can be applied to virtually any style. It works great with tight fitted dresses as well as poofy ball gowns. A new spin on this look we are starting to see this year and the coming is the long sleeve varriant of off the shoulder. These sleeves can either be attached or separate from the dress for more mobility, but they add a newfound sense of beauty to any dress it is applied to.

8. Soft Color

A new trend we are noticing is veering away from the traditional white gown. While some variations of white have become popular such as ivory or blush, gowns have become bolder in the colors they use. Obviously this may not be for everyone, but for others it is a perfect match for their colorful personalities, skin tones or desired definition for their gown. This adds a completely unique and customizable component to wedding dresses at no extra exspense that will leave brides with more opportunities to express themselves.

9. Capes

At first glance capes and wedding dresses may seem like an unlikely combination, but with a little creativity they can be the secret ingredient to a perfect wedding day. From floor length to shorter, opaque to translucent, capes have endless potential. If you are seeking an accessory to make your look regal and just hands down magnificent, a cape gets the job done. It may be a step outside of your comfort zone, but it could be a memorable piece that sets your wedding apart from all others.

10. Wedding Wardrobes

Weddings are your moment to celebrate! And let’s be honest for a second: wedding dresses can sometimes get in the way of that celebration. While they are great for the ceremony, a big, voluptuous dress may not be what you desire for a reception. Brides from all over have opted for more of a wedding wardrobe as a solution to this problem. They still wear their gorgeous, flowy dresses for the beginning, but break out from the full gown into a customized short dress shorter dress or jumpsuit to dance the night away in. This trend is a creative, modern solution to having your cake and eating it too.


There are so many captivating designs that may make the decision hard to make. Our advice to you is to settle only for what your heart truly desires. Here at Antoinette Bridal we gladly work with our brides to help find and design the dress of your dreams through customization and education. If you’ve ever been told it can’t be done, stop by and let us make your dreams come true!

xoxo - A

Blog Credit to Hailey Porter

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