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Designer Spotlight | WTOO by WATTERS

Drama, comfort, style, versatility, and individuality!

WATTERS founder and designer, Vatana Watters started designing one-off gowns for herself, as well as family and friends - who came up empty-handed when looking for dresses that didn't feel cookie-cutter. So one day a light went off and she took a vow to take matters into her own hands 36 years ago. Her vow to bridal still stands and has transformed now into the WATTERS family full of a tribe of creative designers, pattern designers, and seamstresses. "Know fashion, pick up on trends and understand how your wants and needs evolve. Drama, comfort, style, versatility, and individuality. We want to be all that to brides and bridesmaids." Today they are well-known, established, and all they sought out to be. Designing for style influencers, celebrities, and inspirational women who have hit the runway and red carpet. "Many have appeared in TV shows and movies in our designs." The WATTERS team is passionate about creating innovative themes and gorgeous dresses that are about bringing those ideas to life. Carefully critiquing and tweaking to perfection, the designed gowns hit the photoshoots. Capturing their beauty and unique dress creations for the modern, sophisticated, independent brides across the nation. The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree Today Vatana Watter's daughter Sydney Watters Dunbar joins her on the journey as WATTERS Style Director. Growing up in the company, she has an immense sense of brand and brings a millennial style pulse to the company. She's immensely passionate about fashion and works hand in hand with the design teams, helping shape the creative direction for each upcoming and trend-forward collection. Eyes for women all over the world. "Each gown is still our baby - designed and sent with love from our home here in Dallas, TX. " In-store you will find we carry most of WATTERS WTOO Collection and a few here and their gowns of both WATTERS and WILLOWBY by WATTERS Collections. High-end, sophisticated, modern traditional, boho, and western brides all in one stop. Will you be the next Watters girl?! #beawattersgirl

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