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welcome to our heartwarming boutique, where we embody the sentiment that

"love looks good on you"

in every aspect of our service. our establishment of french inspired beauty is a delightful homage to both our town and my family's french heritage.

expect to immerse yourself in a creative journey tailored to your preferences. through meaningful interactions, where we strive to uncover your values, aspirations, and visions, guiding you through the refinement of our customizable bridal collections.

step confidently into our bridal sanctuary to embrace your femininity and enjoy our unique touch of french allure as

our passion for florals and refined elegance transport you

as we commemorate the affirmation of love.

Services & Pricing

Visit our picturesque bridal showroom, located here in the historic downtown village of Versailles, OH. 

18 S. Center St | 937-802-9732

We work by appointment only to ensure that each bride and customer receives our personalized service and attention. Offering our best to serve you and our family alike. 

It's our goal that you feel confident, loved, and totally you on your wedding day! 

- Made to order gown pricing $650-2300 / avg of $1750

-Modest gowns $600-1900 / avg $1600 and under

- Off the rack beauties priced $550-1500

-brand new samples off rack are 10% off

Bridal appointments  & other service hours available:

Wed, Thurs, Saturdays

Alternating Tues & Fridays

Closed every Sunday & Monday 

(All weekday/evening & Sat. hour availability is visible on our booking site.)

Private shopping experiences available and accommodating hours as well,

for those traveling from out of state & long distances. Please reach out for these specialized accommodations.

Customizable Design

We sprinkle our magic by offering a dazzling array of customizable gowns fit for every bride's wildest dreams, desires, and quirks. Collaborating with designers who understand the nuances of individuality, we acknowledge that while a design may be close to ideal, personalized adjustments or custom sizing may be necessary.

So let your imagination run wild, and get ready to fall head over heels in love with your look - all while we handle the nitty-gritty stuff!

Multifashion trend inclusive 

In today's dynamic fashion landscape, the concept of a universal fit & style preference is becoming antiquated. Each individual possesses unique preferences regarding fit and coverage. This is where our multi fashion approach proves invaluable! Recognizing that women come in diverse shapes, sizes, and style inclinations, from classic to modest, slim to curvaceous, we strive to cater to your multifaceted fashion requirements. 

Proudly leading the way as a top store and fashion guru,

we've quickly become with God's grace the Midwest's ultimate hub for chic modest wedding dresses! Hosting a treasure trove of "The Modest Collection by Barbie" for our multi fashionistas to enjoy for their fit preferences. 

Beyond Bridal

We also provide unique:

-Bridal Accessories

-First Communion gowns

-Miniature Bride Dresses

-Antoinette Closet Attire of : Consigned formal wear, Mother of the Bride and Groom Gowns and more.

-Tuxedo rentals in Ohio and beyond

-Shapewear, bride merch, and bras/tape. 

Keep in touch!

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our communication capabilities. We currently offer online booking for you to conveniently schedule at your leisure as well as texting for communication and for you to be able to send those pictures of dream looks and questions as well as easy, quick communication in your busy day! We are working on possibly launching an app as well to stay in touch easily with events, sales, off-the-rack gowns and more! 


I'm Heidi 

The solo owner and stylist here at Antoinette Bridal Boutique. 

I'm also a wife, mother of 3, former 10yr hairstylist, artist at heart, co-help/educator of Barbie Anne Bridal, as well as an occasional wedding singer, and community group for growth participant. 

My heart here is to inspire others to feel beautiful and loved as they are. Complementing their perfect figure with a gown so flattering for your figure you won't believe it's still you in the mirror. Embracing love and being love in God's honor. 

So we will have fun, being playful with looks, enjoying this journey and bonding in heartwarming connections in this unforgettable journey to finding the perfect bridal gown for your day! And with a moment so special we put our heart into making you feel excited about all to come after the yes, celebrating your yes as well as your pickup, making each moment special and exciting till your big day and celebrating that look with all after! ♡

Love looks good on having you here! 




Sat 03 Feb 2024

Amazing experience, highly recommend a visit! The styles are incredible! Many different options and Heidi is the most helpful and informative!  - Gretchen 

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