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Experience The Love

i love working with brides and i'm dedicated to get a real understanding of your vision as well as your style in order to get the complete visual of what makes you the beautiful unique bride that your are! 

Because of this, I made the personal decision to run this little shop in a new light. I will start with a shop intro when you walk in so you can understand all the collections capabilities, i'll ask some simple questions to better understand you and your shopping preference and gown desires and allow you to shop hands on to get a beautiful visual of the attire.

allowing you to show me a glimpse of your personal fashion eye, and creating a start to our friendship before i put you in a dressing room. there I will, assist, observe, ask, and listen in order to seek and customize a look that is specifically tailored to you! 

So Why Appointment Only?

so happy you asked! as you can see this is not your typical bridal experience. Antoinette isn't trying to be fancy, or hoity toity for that matter! … i just want you to have the best and most personalized experience ever while you are shopping for your wedding gown. i want your two hour appointment to be completely about getting to know you, your wedding and your style. I run a small town shop, a place to feel at home, a place you can trust and depend on, and a place where love, family & friends are always top priority. 

So ya.... we're a little different but we like it that way and we know you will to!

So book or if you're the "by chance" kinda gal we are happy to be here for that to. Either way I can't wait. ~  " love looks good on you"

Hi, I'm Heidi  


Styling inspired wedding looks, that are personalized to each bride, mother, and more with love, joy, and dedication is simply what I do!


Antoinette was established with a heart to celebrate and embody love! Here we like to keep the big city look but featured on a small-town bride in mind. Showcasing a variety of high-end looks and customizable gowns in store and ready to support our small-town babes' greatest desires! Creating a space where Love is not only shared, but impactful, and hopefully unforgotten!


Love looks good on you!

It's my passion to style brides in a way that they can see that they are beautiful just as they are! Leaving a truly confident, stunning bride walking down the aisle in a look that is all her.


I'm simply blessed to be here! I absolutely love assisting everyone who enters these doors and assisting in their desires while we celebrate love together!"

Now offering First Communion Gowns!

stocked sizes 4-12 | $40- $100 most avg $80


guided by passion and professional experience, you and your daughter can now enjoy the most magical gown shopping experience from little too grown!  

let's make even those little dreams happen.

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